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Need Sponsorship Patenschaften gesucht

My plan was to have all the godchildren in Zambia To visit and make an interview with them. In the end it failed, unfortunately, that some paths-by the rainy season-were not really passable by car, or we have Too Time spent searching for their home. At this point, of course, a working navi would have been excellent. But the paths would certainly not have been marked there. So we had to confine ourselves to attending at least all the children who had already found a sponsor. Because I had a present from the sponsors and I wanted to give them personally. I was accompanied by the headmaster as well as a teacher, because without a translator my project would not have been possible. The children

Die gespendeten BHs für Project Luangwa The donated bras for Project Luangwa

The donated bras for the Project Luangwa. I knew that Project Luangwa needed bras for young girls, so I started a campaign in Germany to collect bras with small sizes. It was a complete success. I am always angry about the baggage limitations, otherwise I could have taken much more with me.Karen Beattie, whom I met, was absolutely delighted. She has a new companion, “Puppy Dog” is his current name. But no bra did fit to him J)During the rainy season Project Luangwa was busy with the modification of their annex. It was difficult to meet them anyway. But we could manage to meet for Dinner in order to initiate further steps. Also Natalie and her husband got involved. We will wait and see what i

Just Africa Sjef Snijders - der Zahnarzt in Mfuwe

Before I went to Zambia I asked who you were on the Best Toothbrushes and also eyeglass frames. It was unanimously believed that the Dutch dentist with his dental clinic was the right man for it. Said, done. After I found him, I would have preferred to stay longer, because I immediately felt comfortable. I could have been talking to this doctor for days. I promised to come back, but unfortunately it was not possible, because my plans had inevitably changed. I actually wanted to stay there to get closer to the Matula Primary school to actively support the construction of the hand wash. But unfortunately everything was delayed. Nevertheless, one White I, next time I drive again There And will

Handwashingstation Matula Primary School

Unfortunately we have not been successful in getting enough money for the well, so I decided to order a handwashingstation instead. We still keep going on with gathering money for the construction of the well and who knows …. Some day we will make it, I am absolutely convinced. The kids have to wash their hands especially after using the toilet, and the handwashingstation is a first step to care of health. I would have liked to help them establish it, but my time was limited and the suppliers from China made us wait - longer than we had expected. My visit to the building site. The craftsmen were admired by many enthusiastic little eyes. After that, they certainly continued without me ;-)) Da

Red Nose Day in Zambia

Now I've been back from Zambia. With suitcases full of memories, videos, photos and fabrics of my favourite store in Mfuwe (South Luangwa) Now I try to give you my impressions. It will take some time before I have processed everything. Be curious what happened. A colleague donated red noses and I had, if not absolutely necessary, in the luggage (simply squeezed somewhere between, because they had no weight and should serve to make the children a little joy. The children with the red noses are the children sponsored by Spirit-of-zambia.com. The costs for primary school still remain limited. More information about the sponsorships I will have over time on our Patent page Post. It was great th

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