Besuch bei der Matula Primary School Übergabe von Spenden

Zunächst habe ich versucht, nochmals die Schulbank "zu drücken" aber irgendwie scheine ich wohl aus dem Alter raus zu sein, dass ich noch auf die kleinen Sitzgelegenheiten passe.

Here you can see a wonderful action for the matula primary school (near Mfuwe international airport), which could only be created by your donations. The classes consist of 90 children... There's no chalk, paper or pens, let alone books. I was very pleased to be able to do something for this school. But there's really something missing here. Even the sponsored "feeding program" of the 900 children is not really beautiful. We Europeans would take the breath away from what the little chicks have to eat, so that the stomach is full. They have to go to school up to 10 km a day and go back Of course, they're all tired and hungry. It's no wonder that many can't reach their exames. Anyone who wants to support me is welcome.

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